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Montana Celiac Society's list of resources for persons with Celiac Disease 

a.k.a. Gluten Enteropathy, Lactose Intolerance, and Dermatitis Herpetiformis.





Information available includes the quarterly newsletter Gluten-Free Friends,  the New-Patient Packet, and several books:  

# 1: Montana Celiac Society.  A resource site for persons interested in gluten and lactose intolerance and associated allergies;  medical and dietary information; web links; national & state organizations; newest research; gluten-free products, and companies that provide gluten-free products, area health food stores, brand new products, and contacts in Montana. 


# 2: Gluten-Free Friends' Newsletter.  Yearly subscription, $12.00. Montana Celiac Society Newsletter, published quarterly, provides up-to-date research information, personal profiles, articles by medical and health professionals, a recipe section, an InterNews column, news' features "From Other Corners" and "From Our Corner," articles dealing with the latest in medical discovery and research, nutritional references, general health tips.  14 pages.


# 3: The New-Patient Packet.  Contains a wealth of information provided by prominent Celiac physicians and other medical professionals; a starter MENU, Ingredients, Hints and Tips for living well without wheat, rye, barley & oats; medical symptoms, vitamin and mineral deficiency symptoms; The Student Brochure written for school personnel, much more.  Send check or money order to:  Montana Celiac Society, The New-Patient Packet, 1440 River Street, Missoula, Montana  59801


#4: The Physicians' Manual.  Copy available from our link on this site.  $12.50. 47 pages, B & W.  Articles compiled from presentations given by well-known Gastroenterologists & Dermatologists.  Numerous cutting edge articles from  physicians who have CD,  neurologists, and researchers.  Describes autism, Downs' Syndrome,  epilepsy, infertility,  dental defects, Dermatitis  Herpetiformis, and pediatrics, and lists of the vast array of common symptoms.  Use as a reference for your personal physicians or a as resource for questions you may have. .Send check or money order to:   Montana Celiac Society, % The Physicians' Manual, Denise McGough, 1023 Marie Drive, Billings, Montana  59101


#5: The Recipe Collection.  B & W Edition, $17.50 plus $2.50 shipping & handling.  80 pages b/w.  Recipes were originally published in Gluten-Free Friends' Newsletter, collected since 1995.  Quick and easy-to-prepare recipes are sent in by our readers.  Includes products, area health food stores, children's medications and products.